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One of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy tree is periodically trim your trees.  Tree trimming is important  to keep trees from over growing and damaging your property or your neighbors property.  Some trees should be trimmed annually or as necessary for some tree species.  Keeping your trees properly trimmed and pruned makes for a healthier tree and makes sure that your tree is not growing out of control where you don't want them to grow or where it could damage your roof, car or obstruct your power lines.

The tree trimming services we provide will remove damaged and unhealthy limbs from trees on your property. We can also prune branches that are close to buildings and homes; this reduces the chances of damage caused during periods of high winds and strong storms. A benefit to tree trimming is its impact on the overall health of other plant material and turf. Removing the correct branches allows for more sunlight and air circulation helping plants and grass to thrive.

Severe weather can often lead to falling branches. These branches can adversely affect the trunk of the tree and the remaining healthy branches. If not removed, these falling branches can even contribute to the early death of an otherwise healthy tree.  If the trees on your property are in need of trimming and you want service that is professional, thorough and responsive, contact the professionals at Advanced Tree LLC. by calling us today at (615) 587-0419 or you can click here to complete our online inquiry.


Tree pruning should not be confused with tree trimming. Tree pruning is done when the tree is still young to make specific cuts in order to make sure the tree grows in the proper direction and shape that you want it to.  Tree pruning should be done when the tree is young to ensure the proper development of the tree as it grows.  Tree pruning is completely safe and healthy for your tree and our tree professionals can properly prune your tree to make sure it grows and develops the way you want.  Please do not try to prune the tree yourself, as improper pruning and cuts could damage the tree and eventually affect the desired outcome.


Cutting down trees should always be left to the professionals who are trained in tree removal.  Please do not attempt to cut down the tree yourself. In the process of removing trees, limbs and finally removing the tree itself can fall and damage property or seriously injure someone. Storms, trees dying, and other events can result in the need for tree removal, so do not be afraid to give Advanced Tree LLC. in Nashville TN by calling us today at (615) 587-0419

We provide a wide variety of services to our customers, including tree removal. Before we begin any job, we will schedule a site visit to determine the scope of the removal and the equipment needed. At this time, we will also assess the area to allow for all necessary safety precautions. Don't forget we provide FREE Estimates.

Trees that are dead, unhealthy, or damaged can pose risks to people and property. Trees may need to be removed if they:

  • Demonstrate signs of death or disease

  • Pose a hazard by proximity to a home

  • Block sunlight from other plant material or turf

  • Interfere with construction or home improvement

  • Demonstrate signs of storm or wind damage

The procedures we use are often dictated by the trees’ location, and its accessibility. Before removal, the tree will be assessed for the extent of damage that it has sustained. Nashville tree removal services may include:

  • Utilizing a climber who will tie off pieces of the tree and slowly drop them to the ground.

  • Utilizing a bucket truck instead of a climber if the area is accessible by truck

  • Utilizing a method where the tree is dropped to the ground in one piece if the area is assessed as wide-open

  • Utilizing a crane to lift pieces away after they are cut if the area is extremely close to a home or inaccessible by other means.

Advanced Tree LLC. also removes trees that are blocking sunlight from reaching shrubs and grass areas. Our professionals can assist you in determining which trees should be removed to allow for the proper passage of sunlight. If you are building a new home, or adding to an existing structure, trees might need to be removed. 


in addition to our tree removal services, stump removal and stump grinding should be done with a tree is cut down. Trees are usually cut down leaving an unsightly and sometimes hazardous stump behind. We have the equipment to remove the stump so you do not have to worry about an unattractive stump on your property.  We also have the equipment to grind the stump and roots in the ground so you can plant another tree in its place, shrubs, flowers or grass. If not done properly, stump removal and grinding can be very dangerous. Over time if the stump is not removed it will decay and attract unwanted insects. We do not recommend the use of chemicals to remove stumps as this can be dangerous. 

At Advanced Tree LLC we treat every customer’s property as if it were our own. We carefully prepare the area before starting the stump grinding. The equipment we use is carefully monitored and operated by our professional crew to maintain the existing trees, bushes, and landscape features.

After the stump grinding is complete, we clean and haul away all leftover debris. The void left by the stump hole is filled with topsoil, planted with grass seed, and covered with straw. Our customers are left with a newly seeded turf area. Trust your stump grinding needs to a professional company. We take pride in our work and so will you.


Gator Mats - When needed we use gator mats to protect your property.  Many times access to trees on your property is not available via hard service access.  In those cases we us gator mats to minimize the damage to yards and your property.

Storm CleanupWe also are your best tree service in the Middle TN area for storm tree clean up, lot tree clearing, tree replacement or new trees planted and shrubbery trimming or new shrubs.  Keep your home, property and landscaping safe, clean and beautiful by calling us at (615) 587-0419

Lot Clearing - If you are building a new home and need your lot properly cleared so your home builder can build your dream home give us a call or have them call us.

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